Neil Simon’s “Rumors”

Teatro Serpiente presents their small cast spring comedy Neil Simon’s “Rumors” at the Taos High School Little Theater Black Box. Tickets are $15 general admission and $12 for students, seniors and educators. For tickets please call 575-737-8574

“Rumors” is a hilarious romp through Simon’s brilliant comedic mind. The show takes place in the fictional suburb of Sneeden’s Landing just outside NYC. On the evening in question, four wealthy couples are preparing to gather at the home of Charley and Myra Brock to celebrate the couple’s tenth wedding anniversary. As the first guest arrive, they notice something is terribly, terribly awry. The downstairs is deserted, the help has mysteriously disappeared, there’s no ice in the bucket and the cheese dip is nowhere to be found! To make matters worse Ken and Kris Gorman pull up into the driveway and are welcomed by the jarring sound of gunshots. They rush into the house to find Charley Brock crying like a baby on his bedroom floor bleeding all over the white rug and his wife Myra is gone. As Ken and Kris try to piece together what happened to their best friends on the night of their tenth wedding anniversary, other guests begin to arrive. Ken and Kris are coming apart at the seams, but they try to hold it together and keep the truth from their friends until they find out what really happened to Charley and Myra.

As you can imagine, the hilarity that ensues involves a pervasive air of confusion and a series of well timed opening and slamming of doors in the immaculate style of traditional farce. Don’t miss Teatro Serpiente’s lively, side-splitting, and always entertaining production of “Rumors”.