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Our Story.

In 2010, Mandy Stapleford and Jeremy Jones got married and built a stage in their front yard in Des Montes for the celebration. The atmosphere evoked memories of outdoor Shakespeare in Mandy’s hometown in Delaware—suddenly Teatro Serpiente was born. The “Serpiente” comes from the 80-foot snake sculpted and painted on the retaining wall of this former gravel pit. The property is a showplace for Mandy and Jeremy’s medieval-inspired sculptures. The sloping, forested land with the studio, the house, and the connecting courtyard form a natural amphitheater.

Merry Wives of Windsor was Teatro Serpiente’s inaugural production, in 2011. When we first dreamed up Teatro Serpiente, we had no idea how great the response was going to be. Actors and wanna-be actors came out of the woodwork and suddenly twenty-two characters (plus 10 additional children) were cast. More than a play, it was a medieval event: period-inspired local food and drink, special prizes, tee shirts and sculpted mugs. In four shows, over 400 people were in attendance. Best of all, Teatro Serpiente raised over $2,000 for the Neighborhood Art Project and the Taos Community Foundation during that first production.

Although we have moved on from our early home in Des Montes to put up productions in venues all over the region, we remain connected to our original roots and commitment to presenting true community theatre. We have gone on to produce over a dozen other shows and projects, including the episodic live Taos sitcom Gorilla Romance and the original youth musical theatre project Keep it Spinning!

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Comments from the audience:

Everyone in the The Merry Wives of Windsor did a truly fantastic job. We all enjoyed it enormously!
You guys should be so proud of your accomplishment. That play was charming and wonderful. Great set, costumes, the acting was surprisingly great—I have to say, I was truly impressed … Much, much, more than I expected. Julie is truly talented. I’ve seen a lot of actors in my day and she’s got it. She delivers lines in a very believable way and still managed to keep stage presence. That’s difficult to do. That fat dude was fantastic too. I like the voice you brought to the table, Jeremy. Nice work!! Well done. You guys rule!
The Merry Wives of Windsor did a truly fantastic job. We all enjoyed it enormously!
Thank You Thank You each and everyone of you. I personally want to thank you all for the incredible performance and the hard earned cash for the Neighborhood kids. Looking forward to your adventures next year!” “I Loved the play! You were all magnificent. Julie, for someone new to acting, you were confident, funny, and at ease. Scott, who knew? You were made for the stage. Jeremy, that voice … brilliant and such an addition to your character. Rich, you were in your element and holding forth. Genius! Mandy and Jeremy, your outdoor stage is gorgeous and all the logistics attended to. All in all, the highlight of the summer!



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