William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”

This November Teatro Serpiente presents William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. November 9th, 10th, 11th, 15th, 16th, & 17th at Taos High School’s Little Theatre. The play begins with a ghost — tis the season after all. Young Hamlet is mourning the death of his father, his uncle has just married his mother and oh-so-conveniently taken the throne. They would like to keep up appearances, but Hamlet is making this increasingly difficult with very public displays of his deep and lasting grief. Hamlet is visited by the ghost of his recently dead father who relays the story of a murder most foul and begs his son to revenge him. Thus begins Hamlet’s descent into madness as he attempts to justify vengeance, and struggles with his inability to act.

Hamlet is a play about transitions and the in-between places. It exists in a world between light and dark, sanity and madness, masculine and feminine, and life and death. None of these things are definitive. The play itself asks many questions to which there are no true answers. Is the ghost real or imagined? Is life worth all of this heartache and loss? When is love ever really pure? What exists beyond death? And, how do we find meaning in any of it?

The production is adapted and directed by Serena Jade Smith and features Adam Overley as Hamlet himself, Scott Tennant as Claudius, Gina Gargone as Gertrude, Rich Greywolf as Polonius, Jazzmine Freedom as Ophelia, Noah Pettus as Laertes, Ryan Maestas as Horatio, Ashley Turin as Marcellus, Jessica Fitzgerald as Rosencrantz, and Joel Larson as Guildenstern.

Come see Teatro Serpiente’s production of Hamlet and find out just what is so rotten in the state of Denmark. Tickets at the door $15 general, $12 students, seniors and educators. On Thursday, November 15th tickets for students are only $5.